Price List

The Pilot Centre's aim is to provide quality aircraft and instruction at competitive rates. Listed below are the rates for the aircraft, then the instructor fees, course rates and membership fees.

Aircraft Rental

The hourly aircraft rental rates below are based on the airborne time plus a nominal 10 minutes (roughly equivalent to the time from brakes off to brakes on) and include VAT, fuel, Denham daytime landing fees and aircraft insurance.

AircraftPay as you flyDiscounted
Cessna 152£145£135
Cessna 172£165£155
Piper PA28£165£155
Cessna 182 RG£215£205

To qualify for the discount rate simply make pre-payments of £750. Any unused balance can be refunded, but the last discount is cancelled.

After membership fees, there is nothing extra to pay.


To calculate training rates, add £50 per hour to the aircraft rental rates (for IMC and night training this is increased to £60). There is no charge for pre- and post-flight briefings.

A £26 fee is charged for each of 7 ground exams. If the flying course is fully paid in advance, the ground exam fees are included in the course price. £65 is charged for the RT oral exam.

On completion of the PPL course a flight test must be passed (2 shorter flight tests for the NPPL). PPL flight tests are charged at a rental rate plus a test fee of £210 (NPPL £125 each).

You may purchase a complete course as indicated below:

Trial Lesson0:40£110
Thames Valley Tour Trial Lesson1£165
Discovery course3£499
Light Aircraft Pilot Licence (LAPL)30£5550
Private Pilot's Licence (PPL)45£8325
IMC Rating15£3225 (PA28)
Night Qualification5£975*
Flying companion8£1480
Flight Instructor Rating30£6900

The above course prices are based on training in a Cessna 152, except the tailwheel course which is taught on the Citabria and the IMC and Night courses which are in a PA28.
*The Night Qualification price does not include any aircraft repositioning and is subject to aerodrome availability.

Prices include temporary membership (for the duration of the course), aircraft rental, instruction and ground exam fees where appropriate. Flight test fees are additional.

These courses offer savings over pay as you fly rates in exchange for pre-payment. There is no obligation to complete a course, however, if you wish to discontinue your training the original discount is cancelled.


Flying membership is required if you wish to fly Pilot Centre aircraft and includes use of all other facilities. Flying and social membership is for 12 months from the date of joining. Temporary membership lasts for one month.

The Pilot Centre encourages all its members to join AOPAAOPA logo

AOPA member:YesNo
Full flying membership£150£225
Temporary flying membership (1 month)£30£50
Social membership£50£75

Prices are valid from 14th January 2019 and are subject to change.